The warmth of the holidays

With finals over, it finally feels like the holiday season doesn’t it? A couple solid weeks of relaxation, no test taking and just enjoying the holidays. Does it get any better?I began my holiday festivities with some of my friends by doing our usual Secret Santa exchange :] The night was spent decorating gingerbread cookies and just enjoying each others company.

Although the weathers cold, I can feel the warmth of the holidays coming at last.

For larger, individ. photos, please refer to my photobucket album. If you don’t know the sn or pw, lemme know.




2 thoughts on “The warmth of the holidays

  1. “coming alas?” or coming at last? 😉

    man, the last time we did a secret santa exchange with friends… it just didn’t quite work out the way we expected to, lol.

    are we still doing fondue this weekend? o______O the time has flown so fast!

  2. looks like a lot of fun.

    for me, i dont start feeling the holiday season until i begin to whip out my credit cards at the crowded and long ass check out lines at stores.

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