Informational Interview

It’s officially the 1st of December. Unbelievable! 1 school week left until finals, 24 days until Christmas, 30 days until 2008. The older you get, the fast time goes.

It snowed today. Although I don’t really want it to snow, wasn’t today, the first of December, one of the best days for it to snow?

(photos are taken from 3:00pm to 5:00pm)

So! For my internship I get to do a “informational meeting” with a person of my choice. I get to choose from our Board of Trustees or Fellows of the World Affairs Council. There were tons of people to choose from but I made sure I chose a person that had a track record that wasn’t impossible for me to follow.

An informational meeting/interview is an opportunity for me to meet with whoever and ask questions to them about their career, what they do on a daily basis, how they got there, and get recommendations on how I would go about doing so.

So, I wrote a letter to this guy, my supervisor edited it, adds some stuff about me being his intern and then emailed it to the guy, asking if he had time or would be willing to meet me. In like 5minutes, he replied back! I haven’t set a date/time yet, but I will be doing an informational meeting with Starbuck’s International Business Development Manager 🙂 He helped integrate Starbuck’s into Taiwan, Japan, and Korea in the past, and is currently working with Russia, India, Czech, and so forth.

I want to be him. So let’s hope he guides me in that direction haha


4 thoughts on “Informational Interview

  1. wow ive been confused about what this whole starbucks thing is about but now i understand. haha. congrats missy.

    also i ❤ how you did those pics between 3-5 the day it started snowing. they look awesome.

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