Winter is here

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again…I know I’ve gotten old because I hate snow -___-

When I left my internship from downtown, it was unexpectedly pouring down rain. It only got worst though….During my bus ride, I got a call from my brother about snow and I was a bit shocked, but as the bus headed further north, there was slush….and then TONS AND TONS of snow as I arrived at the park n ride. Samurai Silver (my car for those who don’t know) had a layer of snow on it! Oy…. It is indeed beautiful but when I think of all the crap that goes along with snow, I just can’t get myself to enjoy it as much. Bus rides will be long or get canceled, traffic will increase, driving is ridiculously scary, it’s COLD…etc etc…

Snow is only fun to enjoy on a day off and at home..or when you’re on a mountain armed with a board or sleigh 🙂

Winter doesn’t officially start for a little less than a month, but I sense that it’s already here. Let the holiday season begin folks.


2 thoughts on “Winter is here

  1. it’s snowing again here in Pullman, i reckon for us small town country folks, we gotta bring in chickens & pigs back into the barn, chop up some more fire wood, knit up some more sweaters and carpool in our cover top wagons to school…

  2. boo snow! i used to like it cuz even for like .214 inches we would get school canceled. but now its like “whats the point?” cuz uw never ever ever gets canceled. and now that im a commuter itll only suck more 😦

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