Bus ride

Happy Turkey Day!! I hope everyone has a good long weekend and eats well!


On the bus Monday, as I was heading going to my internship, I had to stand because the bus was relatively crowded. It’s not bad at all though since it’s only like a 10-15min ride. I needed to get off at the 2nd stop, so at the 1st stop I was trying to lean toward the side so that people could get around me and get off; it was especially difficult because I had my backpack on. As everyone had left the bus, I moved back to a normal standing position after checking that everyone that needed to get off had left. Then all of a sudden this crazed, shaved headed lady with a crooked neon hat on dashed toward me and shoved me to the side saying “Get the f**k out of my way!” EHH?! I was in shock and wanted to say something back…but it’s those kinds of crazy people that tend to have a high probability to lash out, so I held my tongue. The dumb part was that she wasn’t even leaving the bus, she just wanted to stand in the front even though there was room in the back. Wth?!

Crazy city folk.

O and for those who remember, today is the one year anniversary of when the stupid-old man hit my parked car. Can you believe it’s already been a year?!


4 thoughts on “Bus ride

  1. speaking of bizarre metro riders, during the summer when i was taking classes at uw, i usually wait for the bus across from the HUB to go home on 25th ave. anyway, one particular day, this one guy who was standing, got whiplashed when the bus abruptly stopped and most of his tiny jawbreaker candy balls fell out of his package and onto the bus floor. for some reason as if his life depended on him finding all of his “dragon balls”, he pushed and shoved everyone in the crowded bus, crawling and reaching into far ends to find and eat his candy. in one particular instance, he sat on the floor waiting for a lady to lift her feet off the ground b/c one of them was stuck underneath her shoes..LOL. it was weird…

  2. dylan: holy smokes..that has to be the weirdest story ever. It definitely tops mine lol. I would be in a lot of confusion if I saw that lol..laugh? scared? haha wth….its those crazy city folk I’m telling you!

  3. haha you remember to the exact day when he hit your car?? wow i havent been able to check your blogs since my laptop broke. i needa catch up now!

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