Food Review: Mama’s Kitchen & Ocean City

Restaurant Review:
Mama’s Mexican Kitchen
2234 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121

Price Range: $5-8
Parking: Street
Waiter Service:Yes
Rating: 3/5

Mama’s Mexican Kitchen is a small, homey Mexican restaurant. There are random decorations everywhere (like Elvis photos) that kind of make it tacky, but at the same time gives a comfortable vibe. Instead of getting a whole meal, I got just an beef enchilada; it was huge and made with moist shredded beef instead of ground beef. The service was friendly but nothing special. Overall, I don’t really have much to say about this place besides mediocre.

To go or not to go: good food but nothing special. If you’re in the area and craving Mexican food in a cozy place, do drop by, but don’t go out of way.

Ocean City Restaurant: Noodle Cafe
609 South Weller St.
Seattle, WA 98104

Price Range: $5-8
Parking: Street and free ground level parking for customers
Waiter Service:Yes
Rating: 4.5/5

Ocean City serves Chinese cuisine and is right next to Uwajimaya. When you go up the stairs to the restaurant, instead of going in the door on the right, which is the fancier restaurant, go to the doors on the left, known as the Noddle Cafe (same company but more casual). I’ve never once been disappointed here and the prices are amazing, especially since the portions are all huge and they are ridiculously generous with meat. For a bowl of noodles with roast duck and 5 pieces of huge wonton, it cost about $5.65 or so before tax. I’ll guarantee that you won’t find that price anywhere else with that much meat and noodles! The chow mein, rice dishes and so forth are just as amazing. This is one of two of my favorite restaurant in Chinatown and it’s open until like 1am or so. The place recently went through some renovation also, so it’s a ton nicer inside than it use to be. O, and the food comes out pretty quick 90% of the time (depending on how busy they are), the only downside I’d say is that it’s quite difficult waving a waiter/waitress down. Plus, since there are mostly window seats, there is a draft! which is horrible in the winter.

To go or not to go: If you like Chinese food (not that Panda Express crap mind you), you HAVE to check this place out. Remember…go in the doors on the left, NOT the right.


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