Bad habits

I have quite a few bad habits that I am very aware of:

1. Tunnel vision: Please don’t feel offended if I walk by you or even look at you and not say hi! Most likely I just glazed passed you and am in my own little world. I think I’ve offended quite a few people…. Evidence of my tunnel vision: One time on the bus I sat RIGHT next to one of my friends and didn’t notice until I was leaving the bus and looked back to make sure I didn’t forget something. Sad part is…this happened twice..the 2nd time was when they sat next to me! But in my defense, they either didn’t notice me or say hi either!

2. Voice mail: I am really bad at checking my voice mail… When I get 1 voice mail I think, “o it’s not really worth checking just 1,” especially because the pre-recorded ladies voice takes forever and is annoying… but when I checked it today, I had 14+…. and now I’m thinking “it’s way too time consuming to check 14…I’ll check them when I have time” haha…the logic…or lack there of?

3.Answering my phone: 95% of the time my phone is on silent and to add to it, I don’t always have it on me… so I apologize for not picking up. –> what I find funny is when I pick up the phone and the person on the other line is in complete shock and says “I can’t believe you picked up!” haha…why call me if you don’t think I’ll answer?! to leave a voice mail?? lol *looks at number 2*

well…I’ll try to work on these! So please don’t feel offended if 1 of these 3 occurs 🙂


One thought on “Bad habits

  1. lol! so true with all three…i’m amazed when you pick up but usually when i call and don’t leave a message you call me back…but when i call and leave a message you never call me back…hmm…weird logic

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