Black Friday 2007

I’m not sure how many of you are willing to go through the chaos of Black Friday, but I’ve compiled a small list of electronics that I thought were killer deals and would like to inform you folks! I don’t think I will be making any major purchases this year though, since I seem to have upgraded all my tech toys this past year 🙂 but…we’ll see

Best Buy
JVC 30gb Hard Drive Camcorder $329

Circuit City
Western Digital 1TB My Book Essental External USB Hard Drive $199 after $50 MIR
Creative Labs Zen V 8gb MP3 Player $99
Nikon D40 6.0 MP Digital SLR w/ 2 Nikkon Lenses $649

SanDisk Sansa e280 8gb MP3 Player $89.99 w/ coupon

There are tons more deals and the list is still getting updated so check out the website for further details:

And for general shopping, here are 3 sites that are are great for daily deals! <– a website that compiles a bunch of great deals together <– this site sells 1 product at a time, but once the product runs out, a new one pops up immediately. This site specializes more on mountain/snow gear. <– they sell 1 product a day at a low price and usually electronics. Once they run out, you have to wait until the next day. Tuesdays are the best because you get two items! New items appear around 11pm


2 thoughts on “Black Friday 2007

  1. omg…i forgot that black friday was coming up! hmm…wonder if i should participate…think i’m tough enough to handle it?

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