I was thinking that once school got started, I could slowly get myself to be studious again..unfortunately, we have like 3 weeks left in the quarter or so and I’m still very unmotivated. I can’t seem to get myself to start anything until a little before its due.. what the heck! o well, I might as well enjoy life while I can I suppose?

Here are some interesting news stories and videos! enjoy!

Unlike me, these people are motivated! perhaps not by their own perseverance, but…well, you’ll see
Olympics push Chinese kids to the max

Brains aren’t everything
James D. Watson, Nobel Prize in Physiology of medicine and co-discoverer of DNA’s double helix shape isn’t all that smart in my opinion. I would definitely summarize this with “you can’t win them all.” Why? Through science, Watson tried for years trying to prove that through genetics African-American’s were less intelligent. -____-
Watson retires; search for “foot in mouth” gene continues

Hottest Banned Games
Oddly enough, one of the hottest banned games overseas is Pokemon (Nintendo). Why? because it promotes Zionism. “The Islamic state’s religious authorities handed down a ban on all Pokemon material in 2001 over the game’s use of a six-pointed Star of David symbols and alleged encouraged gambling. Pikachu, I ban you!”
Video Game Nasties: Hottest Banned Games

24 hour punishment

I believe I’ve linked this before but this time it’s with subs! It’s kind of long but its really funny! The 4 guys are Japanese comedians and for 24hours they have to stay alert and endure sporadic punishments for a game show. It doesn’t really get good until part 2!


2 thoughts on “Unmotivated

  1. i’m kind of the same. it seems that putting things off to the last minute places much more pressure on me to get things done which in return jumpstarts me into beat deadlines and work much harder

    …and it doesnt help that i’m about to embark on *drumrolls*..”Deathnote”. lol

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