Starting fresh


So I lied. I thought I would be sticking to blogspot and keeping my posts there but it’s just not working out. The site is too simplistic and the formatting is annoying, so once again, I have moved my blog!

Xanga > Myspace > LJ (sort of..?) > Blogspot > WordPress.

Thats a lot of moving! >< I’ve been slowly working on my on wordpress (look at the date!) making sure it’s what I wanted to do and I’ve pretty much made my mind. Why? well instead of me slowly adding little things to improve my blogspot blog, like adding ‘snapshop’ and etc etc, wordpress has it all and more! It was a difficult decision though! Since everything was all there..but o well. Sorry for the inconvenience!

O and the Hana Kimi photo has nothing to do with anything lol, I just thought it’d be a nice way to start things off 🙂

Link to my old blog:


5 thoughts on “Starting fresh

  1. awwhh…u left blogspot,…how sad. T_T
    well, hope u like ur new home here at wordpress…if u ever change ur mind, u still can come back to blogspot…it’ll never be too late haha

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