Distractions for you

Merry Halloween folks!

Well, I tried keep to only 10 blogs a month, but… it’s too hard lol, I’ll just post freely and try not to overwhelm you folks.

I’ll be posting some fun and interesting stuff to waste your time with! Hmm..but since most of us have jobs, are in school or what not, we don’t really have time to waste, so instead… I guess I’ll say that this post is to distract you from your priorities =)

Right or Left Brain?
Ever wonder which side of the brain you use more? Click here to find out! I’m not sure how accurate it is, but it sure is entertaining! Mine spins clockwise most of the time. Thanks Dede for the link!

Ultimate Parking
Can’t parallel park? Well in the future, who cares! Although it is funny looking…it’s quite rad. I love technology.

Prank on Olympic Speed Walker
Jefferson Perez is an Olympic winner for speed walking. While in Japan, they played a prank on him. Ooo and a side note, during the whole day while the film crew was with him, they would tell him news about ongoing attacks throughout the day by the escaped samurai (watch video to understand). It’s subbed, so enjoy!

Dangerous hikes!
I love hiking..but this is just nuts…These are tourist trails in Mt. Hua in China’s Shaanxi Province! For more photos and a video on this hike, click here!

Hug Me Pillow
It’s called a Hug Me Pillow….I think it is by far..one of the creepiest and loneliest things I’ve ever seen…This is the sales pitch: “the perfect snuggling companion, the Hug Me pillow provides comfort as well as piece of mind.” I would never want this to hug me…

I’ve shown most of you this before I believe, but if I haven’t check it out! It’s a really pretty photo that changes from morning to night as you move your mouse over the photo. Click here!

Urban Camou
I find this next one a bit silly as well. It’s a type of clothing designed in Japan called “Urban Camouflage.” The design is to “ease Japan’s growing fear of crime” because if you ever feel like you’re being stalked, you can just run away and do this!
For more details on this, check out the NY Times Article: Fearing Crime, Japanese Wear the Hiding Place

Ok… time for me to actually go and do something! Hope you guys enjoyed it! Have a great and safe Halloween!


5 thoughts on “Distractions for you

  1. ommgg the dancer things is soooo AWESOME haha woooww thats like the coolest thing i have ever seen. i am easily amused ya? haha k well mine mostly turns clockwise but i can get it to turn either way…

    i need to look at all the vids another day im not so tired and needa work break…

    ooh that pic that changes night/day… so pretty. it reminds me of your project for the great fred muram.

    yay for not blogging just 10 times a month.

  2. so..i was looking at your blogging. and your thing about the Mt. Hua..is interesting because my dad was there =) on the hike, and he took a picture of a 92-year old monk coming down at 9000ft from the Huashuan temple that is at the top of Mt. Hua (aka Huashuan). it’s on his website..kingwu.com. they had to actually..cross over each other..because my dad was going up and the monk was coming down. the monk actually hid there during the cultural revolution (remember Prof. Dong’s class..haha the one we didn’t pay attention to) when religious leaders were banned..so he actually took out some of theboards from the path so no one could get up to the Taoist temple and hid in a cave for a few years until the revolution was over.

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