Awkward randomness

Random thoughts I’ve had about awkward situations:

– I find elevator rides awkward as hell. Not only are you stuck in a small box, but it’s completely silent. And even if you go in with a friend, it seems awkward to have a conversation because you’re surrounded by others who are listening.

– I hate sitting in those seats on the bus in the middle where you face each other because everywhere you look, you make eye contact with someone. So for me..I look at the ground or just go to sleep.

– All bathrooms should have music don’t you think?

– During a meeting last week, I noticed one of the staff members at my internship was not aware that there was a huge rip in his pants at the crotch area…and I definitely wasn’t going to be the one to tell him.


2 thoughts on “Awkward randomness

  1. Regarding your first two points, sometimes just talk to the person. I’ve been doing that a lot with people next to me in class, people waiting with me at the bus stop, etc. and it’s pretty cool.

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