Not a bus day

Yesterday was not a bus day…

Morning bus to school- I came 15minutes early and there still weren’t any parking spots at 7:20am, so I ended up missing the bus and driving to the other park n’ ride, waiting 30minutes for the next bus and showed up late to class.

Afternoon bus to downtown for my internship- The down town bus I take is never consistent. Some days, its flooded with people, on other days, there are tons of free seats. On this particular day, the bus was crowded and never have I seen a bus this crammed with people before (other than in China). I ended up having to stand and even then, my bubble was totally trespassed.

Evening bus going home- Since I parked a different park n’ ride, I had to take a different bus home. The problem was that the times on this bus aren’t as convenient. If I walk my usual pace, I end up having a little less than 5 minutes to spare on normal days, which is perfect…but on the bus I had to take yesterday, I end up being at least 5minutes late. Well, since I didn’t want to miss the bus and have to wait 20minutes for the next one and be delayed further more by 5-6o’clock traffic, I sprinted from my internship to the bus stop (which is about 8 blocks away). When I was only 2 blocks away, I saw my bus coming, trying to turn right onto the street I was running on! Fortunately, it was my light! But I had to run fast because once the bus go onto the road I was on, the green light and Walk light would be the same! Whoo, and thanks to my sense of urgency, I made it just in time…

If it wasn’t for my mp3 player…I would have been a very disgruntled person.

Yesterday was not a bus day…

(The photo of the building above is where I intern at)


2 thoughts on “Not a bus day

  1. i understand the bus troubles…at least you didn’t watch your bus pass you as you were waiting for the light to turn…=0)

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