Movie Review: Heartbreak Kid

It didn’t take long for me to get my movie reviews up! Here is my first movie review and surely, there will be more to come 🙂

Heartbreak Kid is the new romantic comedy about a man finally settling down to marriage to only discover that his wife is a nightmare, and to add to the mess he ends up meeting another women on the honeymoon. This is quite the movie and it didn’t exactly turn out the way I expected it to. It definitely had a constant flow of laughs but I think 85% of that was from feeling extremely uncomfortable. Although it was funny, the raunchiness was unnecessary by all means and went a bit too far. To add on to the awkwardness, the plot seemed to be lacking something and the ending left me rather irritated. Overall, the movie kept me entertained, but go in expecting FULL ON sex scenes and a lot of awkward chuckles.

My rating: 5.0/10
Should you watch it? – I say…this is a good rental.

To check out other reviews on Heartbreak Kid, check out the links below:
Rotten Tomatoes : 30%
Imbd : 6.1/10
Google: 2.7/5


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