Food Review: Hawaiin BBQ & WTPho

Another segment to my blog! It shall be restaurant reviews by moi! Although I don’t think I will be updating this THAT often since I don’t go to that many new restaurants, I thought this would add to the diversity of my blogs. My movie reviews will also be moving onto my blog, so look forward to that in the near future!

Hawaiian BBQ
5016 University WAY NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Price Range: $4-8
Parking: Street
Waiter Service: No
Rating: 4/5

This Hawaiian BBQ Restaurant is right next to Pochi’s. Although it’s a bit far up the Ave, if you have the time, skip University Teriyaki and get your little butt over to this restaurant. The selection is endless, the portions are large, and the prices are GREAT. I ordered the #56, which was a dish that has fried rice, katsu, spicy chicken, and a fried egg… all for a grand total of $7.10 including tax. The interior isn’t fancy and it’s quite cozy, but for a little family restaurant on the Ave, I don’t think we can ask for much more. Soo.. 4/5 will be my rating! Why not a full 5/5? well, they don’t have customer service. It’s not that they were rude or anything like that at all, but it was simple..take the order, give the bus 🙂 simple. Overall, the food was fantastic and this is definitely my new favorite restaurant on the ave.

To go or not to go: I say..get a move on it!! The walk is worth the trip! and you’ll probably want to take that long walk back after eating all that anyways.

What the Pho
1317 228th St SE; Unit A
Bothell, WA 98021

Price Range: $6-12
Parking: Parking lot
Waiter Service: Yes
Rating: 3/5

What the Pho is a franchise that began in Bellevue, and it’s second restaurant has just grand opened in Bothell. For a pho restaurant, it has quite the amazing look to it! Finely furnished, a bar, dim lighting and definitely targeted toward the Caucasian sector. The only problem about this restaurant is the prices! A small pho is $6.35 and a large is a whopping $7.35. Although, I must admit that this place probably has the best tasting pho in the area, especially if you don’t want to head to Asian pho in Everett or some place in Seattle. The customer service was nice and quick, but the food takes FOREVER to come out. It’s a pretty hip place, but in the end, I’m not willing to spend $7-8 on a bowl of pho and nice decorations.

To go or not to go: If you highly enjoy pho and don’t mind spending some extra bucks, go right on ahead!


2 thoughts on “Food Review: Hawaiin BBQ & WTPho

  1. i rather like hawaiian bbq. i used to go there fairly often when i was still in school. i brought a couple of people i knew from online there, too. i don’t think i’ve found something i don’t like there yet, but i usually order the same thing anyway. what can i say? i’m a sucker for loco moco. i think that the people who run it are really nice, as well.

  2. omg okay so this has nothing to do with your current blog, which is a great idea btw and i will be checking up on to find good places to eat, but ya so i heard this story on the news today:

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