Just dumb

One of the biggest reasons I miss summer is because I can surround myself with people I enjoy. Now that I am back in school…it seems I only run into idiotic people ><

Example 1:
Yesterday, as I was walking to class, I saw 2 older utility looking-worker guys, probably around their 40s. I got out of class early so there weren’t that many people around yet. They were just casually talking it looked like when all of a sudden the man screamed “GOD I JUST WANT TO GET F**KED ALREADY!”

Example 2:
At the bus stop today, these 2 ridiculously loud girls were talking beside me. They were talking about how they were in a class of mostly graduate students and that the teacher was expecting too much from them. One of the girls used this story as an example of how people have too high expectations–> “It’s like when I went to get my oil changed! The guy told me to pop my hood open…like I know how to do that!! How was I suppose to do there was a button that does that?!”


3 thoughts on “Just dumb

  1. haha omg some people you just wanna go *slap slap!*

    anyway mz. MIA i miss summer too. i see people for like 30 minutes every couple of days :-/

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