A bit late: Puerto Vallarta trip

Well, it’s taken me a month…but it’s because I’ve been slowly updating this blog..but it ended up being ridiculously long..so I finally made a condensed version! so! the long awaited Puerto Vallarta blog! (If you have all seen my flickr, none of these photos are new)

August 22-27, 2007


Day 1: Arrived to Puerto Vallarta around 3:15 and caught the bus to our hotel instead of a taxi! Instead of paying like 5-10bucks, we spent 50cents each haha. We spent the day wandering the town and in search of tacos. There was a huge storm that day but we still ventured in the treacherous rain!

On the bus

Downtown before the rain

Day 2: Went to town again and ate delicious food all day. We also went to the grocery store, where we could by liquor for like $5-15 bucks…ridiculous. That night we went to 3 clubs: the Zoo, Carlos
O’Brien and then Hilo. We never paid a cover fee and had free drinks the whole night

Morning after the rain

Why make sand castles when you can make this?

Day 3: Went to this beach that was like 1-2hours away? it was beautiful! we
bugee boarded and got a tan. It was the first time I ever got burnt -__- At night, we went to a homey restaurant called Dona Salu, and afterwards to a fancccy restaurant for dessert called Des Artistey (where 2 desserts and a glass of wine cost us $30 something total, not bad, but expensive if you consider how much we spent on regular meals in Mexico!). Afterwards, we went back to the same clubss

The beach we were at!The view right outside our room on the balcony

Hilo the club

Day 4: Went on a boat tour thing! This was my birthday present from Rachel! Tons of fun, tons of nice people. We even snorkeled! It was
amazingg after that long day, we got back and wandered down town again. We went in search of a restaurant that was impossible to find, and ended up going to a restaurant that was called Mr. Piano after following this nice guy through town and alleys haha. and of course, we ended the night by visiting the clubs

See that little boat clinging on to ours? They rescued my flip flip! (For details on this, go to my flickr!)Rachel and I look happy in this photo (although..my smile is cheesy), but at the beginning of the boat ride, we were

totallllly seasick. It was my first time ever being seasick and having to puke..I think the alcohol from the previous night played a big role in this.Not only was it my first time being seasick..but here is my very first time getting burnt!

Day 5: it was a pretty relaxing day. We caught breakfast, went down town, to the pool, and so forth. This was a day full of good food and
tonsssssss of walking! very fun though, I recommend it to all you folks.
After hanging around at the pool and I, I got too hot and decided to wander around taking final pictures of the hotel and beach, so voila!

Yup, those are rocks! and they are definitely nottt glued or anything like that.

Day 6: Got up and went to get breakfast at Dona
Salu. Then to the grocery store to stock up on last minute Mexican products, then to the airport! The ride back was pretty interesting and we met some cool guy with his daughter. Everything on the trip was amazing besides the long wait in San Diego because for some stupid ass reason they didn’t have a crew or plane…WTH? -_-

Rachel and I waiting at the Puerto Vallarta airport. She’s eating a tamale.

Our long ass wait at the San Diego airport. Mosquito and jellyfish bites! you can’t go on vacation without getting these….

I recommend all of you guys to go to Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is where Rachel and I went and it was just amazing. The people are nice, the place is beautiful, and the food is OUTSTANDING. And thanks Rachel for an amazing trip! definitely one of my favorite vacations.


One thought on “A bit late: Puerto Vallarta trip

  1. finally! 🙂 that wasnt so long… very very condensed version?

    how the heck do people make sand castles, let alone a freaking like virgin mary or whoever that was in the sand?!

    anyway glad you had fun.

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