Birthday runs

Ok, I’ll do a quick summary of turning-being 21!

Tuesday, Sept 11- Out with a bunch of the girls to celebrate Emili and mines 21! (Sept 12th blog for details)

Thursday, Sept 13: Tammy’s big house warming party that also celebrated my bday! I tried leaving before midnight butttt, they took my shiet when I was trying to sleep and somehow I ended up going to buy beer with Esther because I was officially 21.

Friday, Sept 14: Went to a bar called the Irish Emigrant and this Hawaiian/bar place in Northgate. Happy hour at the Irish Emigrant rocks..and the spam musubi at the Hawaiian place is amazzing. O and I got to use my ID! It feels weird to be able to hand that over.

Sunday, Sept 16: Went to this nice sushi place that Tammy works at with her and Grace. It’s Ichiros favorite sushi place!

Thursday, Sept 20: A bar run. Taryn, Dianne, Chatham and I went to 4 different bars. The places were alll really nice! I need to remember where that place before Melting Pot was. Anyhooo, thanks a million guys for last night and thanks Taryn for driving and being DD. The pasta was delicious too! Actually..all the food last night was good.

Well, in all, it was an amazing birthday and I hung out with just about everyone =) Thanks everyone for the outstanding birthday!! It’s was a good way to end summer.


2 thoughts on “Birthday runs

  1. lol. glad you had fun~

    Tammy’s house big warming party

    are you sure you’re not drunk right now? XD

    the places we went to:
    irish emigrant
    kona’s kitchen

    copper gate
    melting pot

    and, gahd… i could eat more of all that food. yummmmm.

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