Holy cow Jen, you’re almost 21

In a couple of days I will officially be 21. Of all my college friends, I’m one of the oldest..this however didn’t really stop anyone from going to the bar lol

Yesterday, Jane and I went to the girls’ apartment to celebrate Emili and mines 21st birthday! Hers is officially today, so everyone stop and wish Emili a Happy b-day! HAPPY 21st EMILI! At their apt, everyone was working hard making dinner. Thank you thank you John and Gangan for alllll your efforts! the food was amazing! and heck, I’m still full from it! or maybe thats the alcohol……

After food, it was present time! I received a bunch of wonderful gifts, ranging from a Tide pen (from Jane) a $21 gift card to Starbucks (from Yeji and Justin) to a Harry Potter Chess set (from Anthony) lol. Thats right, I turned 21. =)

How else do we end opening presents? We eat dessert! Although everyone was extremelyfull, there was always room for ice cream. Whitney is probably one of the most creative girls I’ve ever met. Her gift to Jane and Gangan was doing ceramics and instead of a typical cake, which would probably only get half eaten and rot, everyone got ice cream clown cones! I despise clowns and such, but it was still a very good idea and am highlyyy appreciative.

Soon after, we all headed to a bar called Zen; a little Korean bar that could pass by as a little coffee stand place from the looks on the outside. It was loads of fun! Some of the memorable moments for me would be:

– all the girls taking a yager bomb together
– Minh’s drinking advice! I didn’t use it, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind….always keep a chaser with you
– Emili looked like she was talking to the wall (I’m actually still confused about this),
– me walking a straight line and was lied to by Moo and Gangan! (thanks Jane for confirming! it just doesn’t sound legit when a intoxicated person is telling you they can totally walk in a straight line).
-O and goodness, TAMMY came! no one EVER sees that girl!

Instead of going home, the most of us ventured back to the girl’s apt. We were waiting outside for a little bit though because only Gangan had keys. Both Em and Rachel had to use the restroom though.. In Emili’s case, she had to use it so bad that she almost went to the port-a-potty that was across the street meant for construction workers -__- haha, I had to go stop her. Right after though, she hopped into a shopping cart and John pushed her up and down the street once.

Once we got in the apartment, we all just chilled. Although people like Cilla (who had to wake up early for work), and Anthony and Derek (who were intent on getting to class by 9..which btw is in Pullman), everyone stayed until like 2:30am. Memorable moments #2:
– I thought Karma was spelt Carmar at the time….. o.O
– Em gave a small speech which consisted of apologies and thank yous
– Em was laying underneath the dining room table
– Every time I tried to lay down, I got either smacked by Rachel or Whitney would tell me it was dirty……………… -_____-
– Anthony drew on his own arms lol…don’t usually other people draw on the drunk person!?

and def more but that is all I can remember for now. Yesterday was awesome. All my good friends and no one got completed wasted …thank the lord haha. Thank you everyone for coming out (especially Anthony and Derek), cooking, planning, presents and for the wonderful time. I’m truly one of the luckiest girls alive.

so…this blog is kind of boring since there are no pics…but for some reason..I forgot my camera…. o well, I’ll update this w/ photos after I steal them from everyone πŸ™‚ My blogs are getting longer and longer…I’ll try to cut them down from now on lol


3 thoughts on “Holy cow Jen, you’re almost 21

  1. i lied for your own good =0) seriously though, hope you had a fun celebration…ooo! your actual b-day is a couple hours away…or so..=0)

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