Human Tetris and HYD Movie

Most of you have seen the infamous Human Tetris video on youtube, and I know this because I was there with many of you haha. Well, since it seemed to be such a hit, I guess they continued. I present to you, Human Tetris II and III!!

To go along with this Japanese theme, I also wanted to add this. Again, some of you may already know this, but for those of you who don’t keep up, there will NOT be a Hana Yori Dango season 3. HOWEVER, there will be a final movie with the same cast!

This is taken straight from a website/blog: link!
“According to the producer of TBS Inoue said this about the good news, “Looks like we’re continuing.” Matsumoto also chimed in with a bouncing voice, “Finally, has it came?” All five of the main actors have a strong handle on their characters. “Expect an acting difference with the actors, because they’ve had time to work on their skills. This is perhaps the last time all of the members work together. I want to end this on a positive mark.”

In the movie it’s been a year since Tsukushi has graduated and Domyoji and Tsukushi are a content couple. In this film there is also a beautiful special guest that hasn’t appeared in any of the two dramas. It has been decided that filming will start in January and go on for about two months abroad. The supervisor for the movie is the same as the chief director of the two dramas. They plan to continue with how Kamio Youko’s original manga “Hana Yori Dango” goes and also take into consideration things that happened in the drama, to do their best to merge.”

It will be released summer 2008 I believe? I’m stoked!


4 thoughts on “Human Tetris and HYD Movie

  1. hahaha omg i <3 human tetris. HILARIOUS. i dont know how they are expected to do some of them that are like way up in the air. wtf. haha.

    hyd the movie! ah i hope tsukushi ends up with rui… im prolly just dreaming tho :-/ o well im still excited! filming is supposed to take only take 2 months?! keep me updated miss!

  2. Omg! a hana yori dango movie!
    I’m so excited, i love hyd both seasons, it’s so great they’re going to make a movie, oh and japanese tetris it’s so funny, japanese games are so cool! XD

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