Frantic day and an Internship

Ok, I apologize for not updating my blog about my Puerto Vallarta trip! I’m hesitant to start it because it’ll take me a few hours to sum everything up, and I want to make sure its done neatly. (a bunch of photos are posted on my Flickr btw, none of them with me or Rachel unless you’re my Flickr friend, because they’re set on private)

But in the meantime, here is a fun story! I warn you…it’s long.

I had a interview today for a unpaid- internship at the World Affairs Council; it’s located in the World Trade Center of Seattle. The interview was at 2pm and I left my house at 12 (thanks Dianne for telling me leave 30minutes earlier!!). Well, the place is located on Alaskan Way, and while I was driving there, I followed the directions PERFECTLY. I ended up doing a U-Turn at one point though because I couldn’t find the building (I was hoping their would be a sign that said World Affairs councils). At one point, I turned into the World Trade Center and asked this women if she knew where the place was, and she asked me if I had the address and I told her it was 2200 Alaskan Way– WELL…she told me that I wasn’t on Alaskan Way. I was a bit shocked…

So I ventured off and did another U-turn to make sure I was following the directions..and surely enough, I was on Alaskan Way. STUPID LADY. I ended up finding street 2200 and found a parking spot, which was under a bridge. I called the World Affairs place and they said it was IN the World Trade Center……… -____-

The 2 problems I was having was that I had only 20-25minutes until 2:00 and I had to get on the street over to see the World Affairs place..but for some reason there was no way of cutting through as I soon found out.. I ended up running 5 or more blocks trying to get to the other side! and when I did, there was no sidewalk, so I had to wait for the light and cross! then I ran the 5-some blocks to the World Trade Center… By the time I got there, I had like 5minutes to spare. I tried to cool myself down..but it was no use! I went into the interview red-faced.

Well, the interview was about 20minutes and seemed to go quite well. On the way back, I took my sweeeeeet time. By the time I got to my car, I still lingered, especially since I noticed that I still had 25minutes on the meter. The moment I hopped into my car and turned it on, I heard hugeee bang noises out my car and when I looked to my right, there was a biggo- Rent-a-Truck beside me.

When I got out of my car, there was tons of debris on my car. The truck was too big and the top part hit the bridge and scrapped off the roof of the truck. My car turned out to be fine in the end, with 2 reallly minor scrapes on the hood. The truck though….HAHA..

The TruckBridge

My car and the bridge

O! and to end this lovely day, around 4:30 I e-mailed the guy that e-mailed me my availability based on my classes. Around 5 he calls me back and says that he reallllly wants to hire me but my availability won’t work that well since the office is 9-5 and my classes are afternoon. He says I can try to change my classes or I can be put on the top of the list for Winter quarter =)


One thought on “Frantic day and an Internship

  1. CONGRATS. you win the miss most personable, easily likable, hireable girl ever award haha. please please tell me your secret!

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