Day 1

Rachel and I arrived around 3pm. We went to the grocery store, down town and now we are stationed at an internet cafe. 10pm already! It is raining like cats and dogs right now! In the morning though, its hot and humid. So far, so good. =) Wish us luck for the rest of our journey! because it has only begun! I cant wait to load photos.


5 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. lucky duck. hope you have fun!

    haha and i cant believe you are hunting down internet in the middle of your vacation to mexico. you computer nerdd…

    1. You did a fine job on the show last night. I was surprised that ientsad of leading off with the Roberts hearings, the hosts went for a topic (gay marriage) where there would likely be some disagreement with their guest. Was that a strategy for stirring up controversy, I wonder, or is it just that for social conservatives in Massachusetts these days, gay marriage is the Big Issue?

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