To the boonies

Saturday morning, Emili and I ventured off to Pullman, WA. I won’t go into detail because I’m short on time and should be getting ready for my Mexico trip tomorrow morning, so here is a brief summary!

We started our journey at 10am Saturday morning. About 2.5hrs in the trip, we reached Royal City and I switched to the driver’s seat. The drive there is beautiful yet monotonous. I’ve never been to the east side of the state, let alone see miles and miles of pure farm, so this was veryyy different for me.

When we got to Pullman, we visited a variety of friends, helped do some moving, caught dinner, and went to a party. Overall, the trip was great 🙂 I’m glad I finally got to see WSU and how boonie-like it is. Plus, I met a bunch of great people! And o yea, special thanks to Anthony for all his hospitality and generosity ( I owe you big)! and Dylan for letting us use his bed =D

For more scenery photos click here!

Some things to point out about WSU/Pullman:
– I can see why WSU is such a party school now
– The smell of cows is prominent
– WSU’ers have way too much school pride
– WSU vs UW is a big thing there
– When I was walking around campus, I was waiting to see someone wear face paint
– MILES AND MILES of wheat fields
– I was disappointed because I didn’t get to see any tumbleweed
– The apartments locations are not made to be land efficient

What I learned from this trip:
– WSU is not for me.
– Don’t drive back on I-90 West around 6-8pm..there is massive traffic
– Emili is a good person to road trip with

I leave to Puerto Vallarta in about 12 hours, whooey!


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