I hate my neighbors. They’re all nosy and trashy.

On both sides of my house, the children (who are now in their late 20s, early 30s) all had kids before they were married and some before they were in their 20s during their high school years. Some of them have 2-3 kids, and with different fathers/mothers. And also..they still live with their parents.

Here’s my view..a racist view, especially because of my bitterness to my neighbors: Asians live together in one household because of love and the feeling of sticking together, generation to generation. Their parents want their kids to live with them, and etc etc. Only because we were born here that we get that ego-trip to strive for individualism and have that huge urge for independence; I have that mentality also. I would love to move out and have my own place, but in Asian countries and many other European countries as well, people are known to live with mums and pa until up to there 30’s even. Well, I could go on about living in one house old forever, but to my point!

For these gross, trashy neighbors I have, that have at LEAST 3 families living in one tiny household…they’re doing it because the kids can’t afford to move out. How many American families do you see actually wanting to living with all their relatives and their entire family?!

I wish my neighbors would see this blog..maybe I should leave the URL somewhere.


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