Yesterday was a hectic day. I remember thinking, “wow…I actually don’t have plans today,”but surely enough, that ended by the time I brushed my teeth. My cousin Dennis and my Uncle 6 came over in the morning to help us work on the house again, fixing up this shed type thing we have in the backyard.

A bit into working, we took a break to eat. Soon after my Uncle 6 had severe stomach pains that he said had been coming in and out for about 2 days now. I gave him some medicine and thought all was well, but about 20minutes later my uncle was laying on the flow holding his stomach. I tried to get him to the couch but he was in too much pain. After much panic, phone calls, and many decisions, I packed up my sheeit and I drove my cousin and uncle to Canada so that my uncle could go to the hospital. I feel bad for my cousin Dennis…every time he comes over here, he’s doing hard labor..and for some reason, always has to rush back to Canada for some emergency.

Anyhooo, as we were nearing the border, my cousin Tanya had told the ambulance to call my phone so that they could pick up my uncle (even though he was very against this idea). Well…Lemme tell you..this was the most ridiculous phone call I’ve ever had. (this is a shortened version btw…it was like a 3min convo….)

Ambulance Lady: Hi, I hear there is an emergency
Me: yea, my Uncle is in a lot of pain right now and I’m actually driving from the US and am near the bor…….*gets cut off*
AL: Wait..excuse me, what are you doing right now?

Me: pardon? o.O
AL: well, there is a lot of noise in the background, can you stop that?

Me: Well, I’m actually driving right now…*gets cut off*
AL: Are you in a convertible or something? there is a lot of noise

Me: Actually, the window is down because my uncle is in pain and feeling nauseat…*gets cut off*
AL: Why is your window down? Can you roll it up, I can’t hear you
Me: I actually can’t roll it up because I’m drivin…..*gets cut off*
AL: Ma’am can you roll your window up, there is a lot of noise
(my uncle rolls the window as much as he can)
AL: o thats much better, but it’s still quite noisy, so what is your emergency?

Me: Actually, nm we don’t need an ambulance ( my Uncle 6 is also telling me that he doesn’t need it a billion times)
AL: Ok. Bye


At the border my Uncle 7 and cousin Janet show up walking across the border and after talking to one of the workers, we get pushed ahead of the line and off we go. We met up with my Auntie 5 and she took my uncle to the hospital.

Overall, a very eventful day. I met my Uncle 7 kids for the first time (even though they’re already 6 and 7 years old). Then I went to my cousin Tanya’s ‘pre-engagement” dinner, where the parents/families met each other. After dinner and chatting, around 11:30pm, I visited my uncle in the hospital and we took Dennis home, while Tanya and her bf stayed until his departure.

Whoooey, well I stayed the night, my cousins Janet, Dennis and I reminisced on old times and went through past photos. Then, just this morning, Dennis, Tanya, her bf and I went to the Metrotown mall, got some Dim Sum, Chinatown, and then to the border, where I walked across to meet my mom on the other side. I wish I could have stayed longer to have some real quality time with everyone, but unfortunately, life is too busy. O well, I still enjoy every minute I get with all the family. Everyones so caring, grateful and loves to laugh. I couldn’t ask for much else =)

My lil cousin Janet and I. Before this summer, the last time I saw her and her brother Dennis was in 10th grade.

Dennis and I. I’m 3-4 years older than him. The first picture was taken in 93′. Height only reflects age when you’re a kid. lol damn we’ve all grown up so fast.


One thought on “Canada-tastic

  1. ah is your uncle okay now?? what was wrong? i heard there was some kind of crisis… i was worried! omg that trip makes your total trips to canada this summer what like 5 or 6?

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