Pepcid AC and Family

For some odd reason, I have much more time to blog during the school year than my summer vacation.

On Sunday around 4ish, I went over to my friend Alex‘s BBQ party, and while there I tested to see if Pepcid AC would really be the cure to my infamous Asian-glow. After much speculation, I tried it out and surely enough, it worked wonders. Why? I’m not sure but am elated =) O, and Alex’s BBQ was quite fun and his place is marvelous looking. You would never know that 2 guys could make it look that nice 😉

Then when I got home, my cousins and aunt came over! We decided to play the board game Life together. Even my brother joined! It was great getting a bunch of us together and playing like old times. But then again, it was also a big realization for us all that we were growing up so fast.

So my plans for this week? Not too much really. Enjoy summer while it last basically. My cousin Dennis is staying until Friday and then my mom and I will go to Canada to visit more family and drop him off. For not being employed, I’m kept quite busy!


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