Puerto Vallarta

Come the end of this month, Rachel and I will be enjoying the days at Puerto Vallarta! Why there and not Cancun like our original plan? Well, after some research done from Rachel, we realized that in Cancun, the most likely month to have a hurricane is in September.. d’oh! So, after much confusion and some money issues, we are now on the road to go to Puerto Vallarta!

The place seems even better than Cancun and it is cheaper! All the places to visit are now super close and instead of staying in hostels with weird themes, we are staying at a lovely hotel called Fiesta Americana (picture on the right).

I am excited! only a few more weeks! But yes…to also touch base with the money issues I spoke of a few lines up, Rachel and I have credited money to go on another trip..sooo, who wants to go to Las Vegas or something during Spring break with us? anyone? =)


2 thoughts on “Puerto Vallarta

  1. Ehhh~ Puerto Vallarta looks really nice. Why don’t you just save the money and use it towards your trip to Korea or Japan next summer?

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