I’m hooked on Harry Potter. I forgot how entranced it was to read the books. Every spare moment I have I want to read the book. Currently, I am rereading book 6 and I think I will finish today or tomorrow. My biggest fear right now is running into a spoiler online or some fool ruining the 7th book for me. I swear my wrath will be worst than an Unforgivable Curse if someone spoils it.

Happy readings!

I can’t wait to start the book 7!


3 thoughts on “Hooked

  1. Hey, did your friend borrow all ur books, or do you have books 5-7? lol i gotta see what the hype is all about…

  2. haha i knoow i think i will finish the book tonite!! page 555 out of like 757? hmmm 200 pages… that would take me approximately 3 hours… haha should i do itt?!! ahhh…

  3. good gracious, i hope you really didn’t wiki ANYTHING that’s harry potter related. wiki is so spoilericious… in fact, avoid everything but your blog and your chat until you’re done. XD;

    anyway, you can do it~~~

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