Don’t paint your own house, pay someone

I haven’t had time to do anything but work on the house and do errands (I will blog on this ‘errands’ thing soon). It’s getting quite stressful and I feel bad for my uncle and cousin. The weather is also refuses to cooperate. My final say to you folks is never paint your own house. Pay someone. That way, if they do a shitty job, they fix it, there is no stress, you don’t get your clothes dirty, and no extra cost on your own behalf.

Some things I’d like to point out
– My house is so damn blue that it can mock the sky

– I’ve spent way too much money out my own pocket for this project and I WILL be reimbursed

– Paint doesn’t taste too good
Lowe’s has the WORST customer service; I felt like I was playing a game of tag and I was “it”
– My neighbors are all nosy beeyotches that need to stay out of my business and out of my yard
– Along with that, the neighbors only come to visit in the most inconvenient/busy time possible
– I’ve decided that my mother has no sense of a color theme
– The weather sucks
– The bruises I got on my legs before this project came at the worst time
– Back and forth driving takes the fun out of driving…and its a huge waste of gas


One thought on “Don’t paint your own house, pay someone

  1. 😦 awww you need to rest. well at least your dooonee yayee! and now i needa come over and see your new prettily painted house.

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