Clean up

This has been a busy week. My Uncle 6 and cousin came over a few days ago and we’ve been cleaning up the house. Yesterday, they power washed the entire exterior of the house and started working on fixing the siding on our house. Things got kind of complicated so we’re a little behind schedule. -_-

O well. Today though, around 9ish Lowes delivered a bunch of the siding stuff to our house. The crappy part was that it was thundering and pouring down rain. wth?! the previous days have been blistering hot..

Well, with the house being a bit damp and such, we had to change our original plans of working on the siding and started painting the deck, where it was dry! We started around 11-noon ish, and I stopped around 7ish, my Uncle and cousin are still at it.

That’s my cousin Dennis. My uncle and him were painting the beams above and everything around while I painted the railing/fence… That damn fence took forever…and sad part is, I’m not done.

Another before picture with everything still not painted…(its facing behind the previous photo).

Whoot! so this is the same view as the 1st photo, but this time with everything in the photo painted! yay! It doesn’t look like a drastic difference in the photo, but it looks much cleaner. And that’s a lot harder to paint than you think….O and I almost forgot..there is still the OTHER side to paint…

Anyhoo, so I just took a shower but there’s still paint all over me. I don’t know how my Uncle and cousin can still continue. I owe much thanks to my uncle and Dennis, but especially my uncle. He’s alwaysss helping my mom whenever she needs it. With that kind of ‘willingness’ I see with my uncle and also my mom’s other siblings, it really makes me rethink how I value and define ‘family.’

Gosh I’m hungry.. All I’ve had is cheerios and chips o.O and my Uncle 6 and cousin are surviving off donuts my Uncle 3 dropped off ><


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