There is so much to experience and so little time. So many places in the world left for me to step foot on and breath in. I realize that I won’t get to see it all since there are about 194 countries in the world (depending on if you count Taiwan as one..if not than it would be 193 [click here for details on China-Taiwan conflict] ). So unless I go to 2-5 countries a year, I’ll never make it. O well, I guess I’ll have to settle for half 😉

I love traveling and going abroad (but then again, I’m sure most people do). It’s always a bit uneasy but at the same time, I love every minute of it. The people, the FOOD, the culture, the buildings (the photo on the right is in Hong Kong, and the one below is in Venice), etc. Everything is different and for me, I feel like I never have enough time to grasp it all.

I would love to study abroad and I have high hopes to. Another thing that goes through my mind about after college is the thought of just living in Asia and finding a career. It would be amazing, but is it realistic for someone like me? Not just realistic in the aspect of “is it possible?” but also “am I willing to?” I WANT to but wanting and doing are of course two different things. My life is here, am I willing to resettle?

I’m nearing 21. I have about 2 more years of college (hopefully). I am in the Jackson School of International Studies. I feel like I should be closing in on my future career path.

Well… for now, I better just study and work hard. For a short-term goal, I REALLY want to go to Japan and/or S. Korea next year with a bunch of friends. Start saving money and let’s make this happen folks.


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