The Fourth

I’ll keep this short 🙂

I spent July fourth this year with a bunch of friends.

In the morning I met up with Anthony and his friend Mine, thinking we’d go to Boom City. It was only a bit after noon and his brother and friends were already making bombs… >Wii, there was poker, a ridiculous amount of food and ended the night (or at least when I left) by playing Taboo.

When 9:30 came around, I went home to hangout with my brother and his crew. More food and tons of fireworks.

Overall, July fourth for me was a blast. Thanks a billion John for letting us come over!

I’m trying to load videos onto Youtube, but apparently it hates me… o well…the videos will take a few days to load in anycase.

Pictures are under July 4th 2007
sign in name: liljetjennie
if you don’t know the pw already, lemme know!

You know whats weird.. this is the FIRST year I didn’t buy fireworks…


One thought on “The Fourth

  1. haha omg i didnt know you recorded all of us whilst playing taboo!!

    and uh i dont know your photobucket password but ill ask ya later.

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