It’s 6:54

Happy Fourth of July!! I hope everyone has a really good and safe one!

Why am I up? well my mom came in my room like 5-6x at 6:30 in the morning for the dogs….and then she decided to vacuum…

Anyhoo, a quick update about moi! Well, I just got a job at Fred Meyer as a Cashier and I begin my training tomorrow. It seems like a horrible job full of customer service and such…. I should have applied to that Page position at the public libraries. Well, we’ll see how this goes I suppose. ><

O, and I joined L.A. Fitness with Jane and Anthony. I went to work out last night and it felt great! I forgot how wonderful it is to go to the gym.

This is random, but these are some “PC vs Mac” videos. There are tons more on youtube, but here are a few that I highly enjoyed =) I’m not a huge fan of Apple, but they are a creative bunch. They’re also known to be the Most Innovative Company, with Google and Toyota following right behind. I don’t know if I would consider them the MOST innovative, but they have definitely wooed the world with its clean, simple and slick designs/features.

From UK

From Japan


One thought on “It’s 6:54

  1. i saw 6:54 on your post time and i was like hm is this from last night? but then i look at the date and its july 4th and i was like what in the world why is she up at 6 in the morning?!! and then i read on… hahaha your mom is cute. k well HAPPY 4th. i shall see you laterrr…

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