Another trip to Canada

Without too much notice and any planning whatsoever, Rachel, Symons and I ventured to Canada to enjoy the day. And like always, I will tell it through mostly photos =) that way, it’s more fun haha.

To start off though, our border experience of getting into Canada was quite…relaxed? There was a guy in the booth that asks questions and then for some reason another guard guy standing on the right of us kind of laughing. When we got to the booth, we attempted to hand the fellow our passports (but he didn’t take it!?) and the guy asked us where we were from and why we were going. We all answered the questions and then the guard said something along the lines of “Ok. Go!” As we were driving off, I heard the booth guy laughing and saying to the other worker guy on the right “was that better?” I’ve never heard those border patrol people laugh… and yet these guys were playing a game?!

Anyhoo, as we drove into Canada, we picked up 2 useless tourist maps and pondered where our first stop would be. I was the designated navigator and Symons the driver. WOOT!

Our first stop ended up being Sun Sui Wah – Seafood Restaurant. It’s one of my favorite Dim Sum places =) and boy was it yummy! While there, I grabbed another tourist map, hoping it would serve some justice…

Second stop, Robson Street to kill time and enjoy Canada. When we went to this parking lot, we ran into some strange bummish looking white guy trying to scam us. He spoke to us like we had never seen a parking spot before and tried to sell us a cheap parking ticket instead of paying the machine..and told us that he would sit around watching the car for us. o.O I took this photo at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

After window shopping at the expensive stores, we still had 1-2 hours to kill before heading off in time for the Richmond Night Market. So we watched this fellow do his Street Theater thing and get out of a strait jacket. The idea came from the magician Harry Houdini. Afterwards, we roamed some of the streets around the Art Museum.

As our time ran out at the parking spot, we headed off to Chinatown and found parking a few blocks away at the T&T Supermarket and decided to go in to purchase some goods. I bought Ketchup chips to bring because my brother kept bugging me for it (they sound gross but are really good! but maybe thats because I also grew up on em). Soon after, we went in search of pastry shops. When we got near all the shops though, they were all closing! It was 5:55pm and most of Chinatown closes at 6! We ended up running and found my favorite pastry shop open- Maxim’s on Keefer.

Leaving Chinatown, we ran into the Vancouver Chinatown Night Market, which is a very small scale compared to the one in Richmond. We considered going to it, but when we walked through it, we saw that there was nothing there we needed unless we wanted Asian PJ’s.

So, on our way back, trying to find where we parked, we took the scenic route and stopped by Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Chinese Garden. It was small, but beautiful. I also enjoyed it a bunch because of my learnings in my Chinese history classes =) Education put to use!

The photo above is me using the 3 different maps at once =] When we got to the car, we headed toward the Richmond Night Market I had a relative idea of how to get there but I still haven’t really figured out the streets in Canada yet, but with the help of the maps and lady luck on my side, we found it without ever getting lost.

And voila! the Night Market. Hella good food, fun times, and there were tons of good looking people there haha.

Overall, a very successful trip without any planning. We went from one thing to another and NEVER got lost. One of the best trips to Canada I’ve ever done with friends. Thanks a good time Symons and Rachel! If I could change one thing about the trip though…I would have worn shorts haha. I checked the weather report before we left and it said cloudy and such…but darnit, when we were watching the Street Theater performance, I was catching a huge tan on just my toes and face…

This has been a very good summer so far. Canada, bonfires, movies, going to Smith Tower, friends, family, etc etc etc. And golly, its only July 1st =)


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