Yesterday, my dad, brother and I went to eat and then watch Live Free or Die Hard (which btw is a great movie). Afterwards, my dad dropped us off with my mom so we could drive her to this place in Redmond; I drove there, my brother drove back. Long story short, it was a day of ups and downs. By the time I was done with errands, I met up with Cilla and Rachel, and we went to B&O, a small espresso/restaurant place in Seattle, to get some dessert and got home around 10ish.

I decided to log my brothers actions and found it kind of funny. Here goes:

Before we ate lunch

After lunch

Waiting for the movie to start

This goes along with my previous blog of dangerous driving: we’re stuck in traffic.

O and I read this article about doctors wanting to classify a gaming addiction as a psychiatric disorder. Those doctors are stupid as hell, the lady that wants insurance money to pay for her kid to go to boarding school should get punched in the face for bad parenting, and no gamer is “suffering.”
Link : Video Game Addiction


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