Bluetooth headset

Driving and using the cellphone is quite dangerous, but you’ll notice that everyone still does it. Is that illegal yet btw? I know text messaging while driving will be soon. I admit it though, I chat on the phone all the time while driving, as well as texting..and it sure n’ hell is dangerous! By the time I’m done chatting or texting and I put my full attention on the road again, I always realize that I was at least half blind while using my cellphone… >__<

To limit my dangerous actions, I’ve decided to invest in a bluetooth headset! Although I do ponder if using a headset really will keep me or people in general more focused? doesn’t it just allow me to use both hands? O well, I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

After some research on headsets and my friend Scott trying to get me into spending more money on something new and cool (haha), I chose to purchase the Sony HBHPV710. The PV 705 from last year got killer good reviews, so I decided on this one since it was just released this month. Another perk is that it matches my phone =]

I’m a junkie for gadets….

Fun Fact (from Sony page)
Why is it called bluetooth?

The Viking king Harald Bluetooth united Norway and Denmark; he was renowned as a great communicator, skilled at bringing people together to talk to each other – but he never would have guessed that a thousand years later a powerful technology would be named after him!


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