Yesterday I got together with a bunch of friends…and because I’m tired I will sum it up with photos! Plus, I know people enjoy photos better 😉 Good friends, marsh mellows and a bonfire! Could you ask for anything else? well..I can—no more scary stories!! I got a bit frantic when I got home because as we were all walking back from the woods, we were talking about one of the stories -_-;

Anyways! I had a bunch of fun! Thanks guys and Anthony for letting us raid your place!

A Day of Bonfires
June 22, 2007 Cilla, Anthony and I got lost going to Golden Gardens

Once we got to Golden Gardens, we got lost finding the place where everyone congregated..

Like 15minutes after we got there, the Golden Garden workers put out our fire…

We ended up going to Anthony’s place and into the woods. The place use to look like a camp area but somehow got really messed up so the boys started cleaning up and made room for everyone. Thanks boys!

Getting the fire going

Admiring the fire

Matthew, Steven and some of their friends left at this point. When they came back, they returned with camping chairs! thanks again!

Roasting hot dogs

Walking back to Anthony’s place from the woods. Matt and Steven had just scared the hell out of everyone…



5 thoughts on “Bonfire

  1. i had mucho funn :-D… thanks anthony if you see this haha you were the bestest host. glad to meet you. uh haha man that was like the latest ive ever gotten home.

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