The Invisible Shield

In this day and age, our lives are dependent on gadgets whether you realize it or not. Cell phones have become an crucial, cameras are essential and mp3 players seem just necessary for those 10minute breaks between classes. With everyone running around with hundreds of dollars worth of electronic toys, wouldn’t it be nice to keep everything looking fresh? Well, I found a solution!–>the Invisible Shield!

The Invisible shield was first created by the military to protect helicopter blades and is now used to cover digital devices. Also, if they don’t have your specific gadget, they will actually customize one for it. The only problem with this is that it cost extra, you have to send your gadget in, insure it and pay for shipping..besides that though! if you’re lucky and they already have a design for you, then its a pretty good price. In additional to this, there is a lifetime warranty. Check it.


5 thoughts on “The Invisible Shield

  1. thats pretty awesome have you picked up youur invisible shield yet? i bet you were jumping with joy when you saw that.

  2. lol if i hear them say “invisible” one more time, i’mma go nuts! haha but yeah, that looks really really handy! I was really careful not to put the mp3 and cellfoen in my pocket with my keys. They should make the cover for the entire gadget however, because keys, coins, etc, can still damage the body imo

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