Nĭ hăo! Wŏ jiào Jennifer. Wŏ shì Yuènánrén.
Nĭ jiào shénme míngzi ma?

Intensive Chinese…is going to kick my butt. The teacher recommends that everyone quit their jobs if they want to do well. There are two teachers, one for the first half and the other for the second half. The first teacher is awesome but the second he leaves, everyones heart is racing because the second teacher frightens the hell out of everyone. She’s nice but…scary if that makes any sense.

Yesterday, I got home, ate dinner, napped and around 6:30 I started my homework. I didn’t get done until 1:30am.Yet… I didn’t even finish it all. I felt like an idiot because it had taken me so long.When I got to class today, I found that everyone around me was in the same situation. Some people spent up to 8hrs on the homework, and most people ended up staying up until 3am. O and I only saw one person completely finish.

All day yesterday, and even today I’ve been contemplating on whether or not to drop the class..because I honestly don’t think I can keep up. I’m going to stick to it this week, but no promises. Keep in mind, I’ve never dropped a class before!

Ŵo bù shì Zhōngguóhuà!!



6 thoughts on “Intense

  1. ewww….

    but yeah, that “intense” was in the course name for a reason hahaha..

    ..actually, i was gonna take that class but it conflicted with my other classes.

  2. i think dylan meant it conflicted with “all” of his classes. lol it’s a 15 credit course man! how much more can u fit? I would fall asleep for 3/4 of the class, then leave an hour early, so I’d only be there for half an hour… haha sounds way to scary for me

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