More Grass

Yesterday, after much rushin‘ and a few complications, I left to Canada around 3pm with my mom. We left in perfect time for traffic, so it took us about 3 hours to get there.

My mom and I stopped by the Duty-Free shop to pick up some carton of smokes for the relatives. I guess the rule is 1 carton per person, so when we got to the register, the guy asked me if I was even old enough…..I’m freakin’ anticipating to turn 21 darnit! anyhoo.. The border was easy and we met up with my aunt 5 and 6 in Vancouver. I saw my uncles 2 little kids for the first time and then we were headed off for some quality time. It was a fun trip of nostalgia as memories rushed through me. I love trips to Canada.

One of the places I went to was Queen Elizabeth Park. My aunt asked me if I had ever been here before and I told her no, I had only been to Stanley Park. To my surprise, the question was just testing my memory. My youngest aunt had her wedding here 13-15 years ago! The only two things I remember clearly about the wedding was 1. I took my dog stuff animal Lucky (from 101 Dalmatians) with me and 2. I hated the location because of the grass.

Back when, I was a pretty picky kid. My sandals had to be cleaned before we left the house or I’d throw a fit; I never put stickers on my toy because I thought it would ruin it and I feared it wouldn’t be put on perfectly straight, and I also hated grass.

At my aunts wedding, I would just stand still and until someone picked me up and move me because I hated walking on grass. I thought it was dirty and in my mind, there was high potential that there could be dog poop. The only only time I’d actually move was when someone would put me on the sidewalk and such. So as my cousins ran around playing, I would only join them when it wasn’t on the grass.

(Click here for enlarged photo w/ details)

=) haha, I love reminiscing..

O, and I drove the entire time. To Canada, through Canada and back. My butt hurts and I’m beginning to think I will never be able to do road trips.


One thought on “More Grass

  1. back in the Age 3-18, our family used to go up to vancouver & richmond all the time and we’d buy hella asian fruits and eat them at the parks, in particular queen elizabeth & stanley park. those were good times, b/c going to chinatown up there meant buying cheap bootlegged transformers!

    with Age 19-21, i went to school up in WWU and so being legal age in canada, me and my room mates & friends would frequent BC on the weekends so that we can get wasted & retarded.

    Age 22, i only went up to BC once in a while only to go clubbing and hang out with friends from UBC and SFU.

    Present: hardly get to go up there anymore since moving to Pullman & my parents moving to San Antonio…hopefully this summer i can make it up there more often and also go to the night market up in richmond…oh, how i sooo miss it!

    wow..this is a long comment!

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