Greener grass

Even though people always complain about how horrid the government is and how they wish to be where the grass is greener, people fail to realize that we, the U.S, are the ones with the greener grass for the most part. We live in freakin’ luxury day in and day out, bickering about how life sucks because mom and dad didn’t buy an Ipod for us. We demand lots, consume more, and do so many illogical things that most countries throughout the world would find us quite stupid. This goes from owning biggo Hummers in the middle of suburbia, ghosting riding cars, and having mass publicity toward Paris Hilton in jail instead of informing the world about Darfur.

O, I’m not saying other countries or I am not a junky for doing worthless things, because surely I am.. but as a country that has primacy and is thus far leading the world order, lets make a difference and do something practical.

So, to my point about impracticality, which is far away from seriousness or politics, I ran into this on Youtube as I clicked the side links of the Stephen Wiltshire videos. Drum roll please!

Free-hand Circle Drawing Championships!

Actual contest

Popular video that got more people into the craze…


One thought on “Greener grass

  1. yeah, people always complain how we should be like other countries. the thing people don’t realize is that other countries have faults, corruption and are not perfect in nature. the united states at least allows people a sense of opportunities and support. i think people need to see things within a holistic approach and try to understand within the context beyond the individual’s.

    oh, bet u i can make a perfect circle! haha

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