Myspace to blogger

I jump from a myspace blog to blogger. Why? Well first off, I apologize to those that have had to move from one site to another to follow my random blogging i.e xanga, LJ, myspace, and now this. Thanks for keeping up though!

I have moved to blogger because myspace, as many know it is a joke and has more errors than the the permutations of a rubic’s cube. After just two days of roaming myspace on my off time of studying, trying to avoid AIM, I have decided to compile the reason for my blog move in screen shots. =)

“Sorry unexpected error”

Connection was reset…

When did I log off!?

Pictures won’t load…

Runtime error

I feel like I’m registering for classes…

Another unexpected error! tell me what error IS expected….?Server not found…

Unauthorized to view this site…

Myspace announcements….

Holy cow…I didn’t realize how often errors occured or the variety of them until I started taking screen shots…sad thing is I know there are more.Ok. I’m done wasting time. One 6-7 page paper to write and finals are over for moi =)


One thought on “Myspace to blogger

  1. wow…finally someone was brave enough to capture all of the screenshots, post them & rant about how insanely annoying myspace has become these days,…i dont have that type of courage.

    …actually i was just too lazy..

    …busy blogging on *ahem* Blogger. 🙂

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