Elementary Blues

For the most part, I had a good time in elementary. I guess you could say I was the typical Asian. I was always one of the top in my class, perfect attendance, exceeded in every subject, had the cleanest desk, and went through elementary with flying colors. Teachers would designate me as one of the kids that would even go around helping classmates do well.

O and I got to be a Conflict Manager as a kid. This was such a privilege because only the good kids got this position, plus we got authoritative power. My friend and I got to leave class for a bit of time and go around during other recesses resolving petty kid conflicts in a non-violent way. We felt like we ruled the world.

The only thing was that I was probably one of the shyest kids in the existence, especially before 3rd grade. I always had fun and friends but there were some instances that have never been reconciled to me.

In one occasion, I remember a guy friend and I were roaming the dirt field (which is now a baseball field) when we stumbled on a hugee hole. It was probably 3ft wide and 3ft deep. But maybe not? Things always seemed bigger when you’re like 8. Well, being the good-top-of-the-class kids we were, we went to inform the Duties about the dangers of the hole. Instead of rewarding us, the Duty told us that we were probably liars and had to fill in the hole on our recesses. WTF?! We should have held a revolution and overthrew those beyotches. Anyways, my guy friend and I ended up sacrificing 3-4 days of recesses filling up the damn thing.

Then, I had a bully. He was this red haired punk that was older than me. His face is vividly inculcated in my memory. I was probably in 1st grade at the time and playing at the 2 bars. I was talking to a friend and had one hand on the bar. Then this random big kid stomped on my hand and held it there. I do no remember what he said to me or what I said to him, but he eventually left. On another recess, I ran into him again, and he pushed me or something, everything else is kind of a blur. All I remember is that I went and told the Duties on him. And once again, I was neglected! They said that they had not seen anything and blah blah blah.

And FINALLY, there was my brother’s friend Steve. My bro and him were big 4th or 5th graders, and I was 3 grades younger (keep in mind my bro and I did not get along). In the mornings, my dad would drop us off at school and his friend and him would meet up. I had so much resentment toward this guy. He would always kick my backpack and do stupid stuff every time I saw him, and my brother just let him.

So, I guess it seems like a huge push over back then, but besides those stories, my elementary days were fun, exciting, and I definitely miss having recesses.

O and I am probably not suppose to post their photos, but this is through spite. MUHAHAHAHA.. I’ll take these photos off soon…after I ‘m done exploiting them… >.>


2 thoughts on “Elementary Blues

  1. Being a conflict manager was cool, but I liked being a crossing guard better. Oh, and being a Sliver Jag in 5th grade! Hahaha, I thought I was the shit 😡

  2. wow…i also had the priveledge to be “conflict manager” too in elementary. i think i was pretty similar to u when i was back then.

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