My first blogger blog

Hello Blogger! I have been contemplating on what my first blog on this should be. Thinking, it should be something exciting and calls attention to all ages! A story or opinion that stirs up commotion and a rift between everything logical. Something so grand that would go beyond interesting me and satisfying you, the viewer.

In the end, I could not think of anything that exciting. I cannot fly, shoot fire out of my nose or even run to my refrigerator without being winded. So I will you tell folks with how my day went =)

I took this photo after my “Globalization of the 21st Century” final, waiting at the bus stop. The test did not end up so bad! Probably because I studied my butt off and I had people like Linh to study with. Thanks Linh! I would have failed otherwise. After the test though, it began to pour down rain and me without the proper attire on. Maybe it was a sign to how well I did on the test?

When I got home, my mom decided that we should go to Chinatown and get some groceries. I thought I deserved a break and went with! As many of you know, I drive a stick shift, so when I was driving everywhere today in my moms car, a sense of panic would rush through me periodically because I felt like something was missing. Plus, I definitely did not feel as cool =]

(For detailed photo click here)

I love Chinatown! and whenever I get to go with one of my parents, its quite grand because they buy me stuff =) Those are some of the groceries we bought at Hau Hau.

(This photo was taken on a diff was daylight when I was here today)

After a few more shops in Chinatown, we went to the the new Town Center and I showed my mom around. I then bought my mom some ice cream at Spotted Cow and drove around looking at houses near the center and the new developments on the way home, checking prices of the houses (this was almost like the day I beat Anthony at Chess about a week ago when we went around looking at houses haha)

But ok, my mom just cooked dinner with some of the stuff we bought at Hau Hau today. Time to eat!
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4 thoughts on “My first blogger blog

  1. Sounds like a fun day!

    Every time I go to Hau Hau, I end up hitting my head on that little blue tarp out in front and everyone stares at me lol.

  2. you so need to settle down in like… one spot. XD;;

    (in case it doesn’t show up properly, this is dianne)

  3. haha…i use to go grocery shopping at hau hau too with my mom when she used to live here in seattle,…afterwards we’d stop by that viet sandwitch place and she’d buy me two sandwitches!

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